Micro level realities and policy coherence for enhancing climate change resilience in Asia uri icon


  • The climate change has been recognized by the world community as a potential threat toenvironment, ecosystem, and development. The impacts are not spatially similar and Asia?srural poor are more challenged of its consequences. ICRISAT with support of ADB have trackedthe climatic trends, identified vulnerable regions to climate change and ascertained the farmer?sperception through quantitative and qualitative means for deciphering the adaptation strategiesand constraints to adaptation in South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka), South East Asia(Thailand, Vietnam) and China. A comprehensive approach (Q2) was designed to imbibe theinformation at different levels of its significance. Climatic analysis to understand the trends inclimate and climate change vulnerability assessment of the regions and sub-regions was carriedand later 22 villages were selected from these vulnerable regions for understanding groundlevel realities of climate change impacts and adaptation strategies

publication date

  • 2012