Sorghum improvement (1980?2010): Status and way forward uri icon


  • Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) is the fifth most importantcereal crop globally and is the dietary staple of more than500 million people in over 90 countries, primarily in thedeveloping world (Reddy et al. 2010). With its C4photosynthetic pathway, it is adapted to a wide range ofenvironmental conditions. It has multiple uses as a food,feed, fodder, fuel and fiber crop (Paterson et al. 2009).More than 35 percent of world sorghum production isgoing for food consumption (Awika and Rooney 2004)by the poorest of the poor in the largely low-incomedeficit countries. Worldwide, it is grown on about 40million ha, of which about 9 million ha are cultivated inAsia; of this the largest area is in India (7.53 milion ha)which has a production of 7.25 million t (FAOSTAT2011)

publication date

  • 2012