Vertisols of tropical Indian environments: Pedology and edaphology uri icon


  • Vertisols in the tropics occur in a range of climates and are used in a range of production systems. This review is a synthesis of the recent developments in pedology of vertisols achieved via high-resolution micro-morphology, mineralogy, and age-control data along with their geomorphologic and climatic history. This knowledge has contributed to our understanding of how the climate change-related pedogenic processes during the Holocene altered soil properties in the presence or absence of soil modifiers (Ca-zeolites and gypsum), calcium carbonate and palygorskite minerals. These state-of-the-art methods have established an organic link between pedogenic processes and bulk soil properties; the review also considers the need to modify the classification of vertisols at the subgroup level. We hope this review will fulfil the need for a handbook on vertisols to facilitate their better management for optimising their productivity in the 21st century

publication date

  • 2012