High Biomass Sorghum as a Potential Raw Material forBiohydrogen Production: A Preliminary Evaluation uri icon


  • Six high biomass sorghum lines (IS 22868,IS 27206, IS 15957, IS 16529, ICSV 93046 andCSH 22SS were evaluated for their potential asa substrate material for biohydrogen productionby anaerobic fermentation using methanogensdeactivated cow dung based mixed microbialconsortia. The data revealed that all selectedhigh biomass sorghum lines differed significantlyfor candidate biomass traits as well as forbiomass composition. The high biomass lines,IS 27206 and IS 22868 recorded higher stalk andstover yield compared to others. Least biomassyield (stalk and stover) was noticed with ICSV93046. The lignin content is low in IS 27206 andIS 15957. Highest biohydrogen yield wasobserved in IS 27206 followed by IS 22868 andICSV 93046. The lignin content is negativelycorrelated with biohydrogen production

publication date

  • 2012