Pigeonpea: From an Orphan to A Leader in Food Legumes uri icon


  • More than six billion people of this planet are dependent on nurturing andharnessing agro-ecological biodiversity for food and nutritional security. Humanlife and civilizations have been influenced not only by cultivated taxa, but also bywild germplasm. The origin and fast-track evolution of agricultural crops aided bydomestication have attracted considerable attention from evolutionary biologists,plant explorers, archaeobotanists, geneticists, and plant breeders worldwide incrops such as rice, wheat, and maize. However, legumes (barring soybean) haveremained relatively neglected by the researchers.Globally, pigeonpea is grown on an area of 4.64 million hectares (Mha) annuallywith production of 3.43 million tonnes

publication date

  • 2012