Widespread Zinc and Other Deficiencies in the Rainfed Semi Arid Tropics of India: Soil Maps as Tools to Delineate and Manage Deficient Regions uri icon


  • Apart from water shortages, the productivity in rainfed systems of semi arid India is low due topoor fertility status of the soils (Sahrawat et. al., 2010). However, little effort has been made todiagnose and manage the nutrient related problems in farmers? fields and the usual practice ofapplying sub?optimal amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) continues inrainfed farming. For a sustainable increase in rainfed productivity, the issues related to soil fertilityneed to be addressed on priority. The first objective of this communication is to show how soiltesting can be used to diagnose and manage nutrient problems in the farmers? fields. The otherobjective is to prepare nutrient maps using the GIS and delineate deficient regions from sufficientones for use by farmers and other stakeholders

publication date

  • 2011