Evaluation and Selection Of Elite Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria For Suppression Of Sheath Blight Of Rice Caused By Rhizoctonia Solani In A Detached Leaf Bio-Assay uri icon


  • Sheath blight (ShB) of rice, caused by Rhizoctonia solani, is one of the most important ricediseases worldwide. The objective of this study was to screen selected plant growth-promotingrhizobacteria (PGPR) strains for suppression of ShB under controlled conditions. Sclerotia of R. solaniwere produced on PDA and immature sclerotia (< 5-day-old) were harvested. Leaves of 60-day-old riceplants grown under greenhouse conditions were used to screen PGPR strains by detached leaf assay. Leafsections of 8 cm in length were cut and placed in Petri dishes, inoculated with immature sclerotia, andincubated in a growth chamber. Approximately 70 PGPR strains were screened. The disease wasquantified by the Relative Lesion Height (RLH) method. Among 70 strains, 31 significantly suppressedthe RLH of ShB lesions compared to the control. Among these, Bacillus subtilis strain MBI 600 resultedin greatest suppression of ShB disease severity under the conditions tested

publication date

  • 2011