Impacts of climate change on rainfed agriculture and adaptation strategies to improve livelihoods uri icon


  • Farmers living and working in the semi-arid tropics (SAT) of Africa and Asia areacutely vulnerable to climate variability and change due to their limited natural andfinancial resources coupled with poor infrastructure, institutional support, and gover-nance (World Bank 2008). Coping with variability is nonetheless a way of life for manyof these farmers, and farmers in many different regions of the world have adopted oradapted strategies to manage variability. In this chapter we first describe the impactsof climate change on crop and livestock production, water resources, and prices,poverty, and malnutrition in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Secondly,we examine adaptation strategies, focusing on the social/institutional aspects neededto support farmers? adaptation strategies as well as describing briefly strategies usedby farmers

publication date

  • 2011