Responses to Increased Moisture Stress andExtremes: Whole Plant Response to Droughtunder Climate Change uri icon


  • In this chapter, we tackle the physiology ofplant water use from the angle of how this willbe modified in a context of a changing climate.Two recent reviews cover a number of innovativeaspects to drought research, in particular in relationto research on roots, and advocate the needto look at the soil?root?shoot?atmosphere watermanagement in a comprehensive and dynamicmanner (Vadez et al. 2007, 2008). In the presentchapter, we revisit some of these aspects fromthe perspective of changing climatic conditionsand explore the major issues that climate change will bring about, and how it will affect cropproduction and in particular under water-limitedconditions. These issues can be broadly groupedinto two categories: (1) thermodynamic aspectsof the soil?plant?atmosphere water relations and(2) growth and development aspects

publication date

  • 2011