Cajanus platycarpus (Benth.) Maesen as the donor of new pigeonpea cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) system uri icon


  • Cajanus platycarpus, a distantly relatedwild species, was successfully crossed with cultivatedpigeonpea using embryo rescue and tissueculture techniques. Advance generation lines showeda range of desirable characters including cytoplasmicmale sterility. A range of pigeonpea cultivarsrestored fertility and was maintained by a few linesincluding cultivar ICPL 85010. Clasmogamous flowerswere observed in the male sterile lines. In suchflowers anthers did not form di-adlephous bundle.Cytological analysis revealed that meiosis proceedednormally till the tetrad stage in those anthers withpollen grains. After which many of the pollen grainsturned sterile. In the anthers with pollen grains,dehiscence was not observed, thus creating functionalsterility. In many other anthers, pollen mother cells(PMCs) were not formed at all, giving rise tosepalous anthers. In conclusion two mechanisms ofmale sterility existed, one was premeiotic, wherePMCs did not form and in the second, althoughPMCs gave rise to pollen grains, they were eitherpartially or totally sterile accompanied by nondehiscenceof anther wall

publication date

  • 2011