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  • Although a wide range of improved chickpea cultivars are now available, many farmersstill continue to grow old varieties and landraces. Thus, the achievements of chickpeaimprovement research have not fully translated into increased productivity at thefarm level. The productivity of chickpea can be substantially enhanced by adoption ofimproved cultivars and associated improved production technologies. It is often seen thatthe farmers who do not adopt improved cultivars are also reluctant to adopt improvedcrop production technologies. Thus, improved cultivars provide an effi cient vehicle fortransfer of other improved crop production technologies. Studies show that farmers? lackof access to seed of new varieties is a major cause of non-adoption of new cultivars.There is an urgent need to enhance seed production of improved cultivars to ensureadequate availability of quality seed to the farmers at local level and at affordable price.Because of the minor role of the private sector in seed production of legumes, the informalseed system (seed production by non-government organizations, farmers? groups andindividual farmers) plays a signifi cant role in increasing availability of quality seed andadoption of improved cultivars. This manual provides comprehensive information onimproved seed production technologies for growing a healthy seed crop of chickpeaand storage of chickpea seed. The manual will be useful to all chickpea seed growersinvolved in formal and informal seed systems

publication date

  • 2010