Genetic divergence of new germplasm and advanced breeding lines of groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.) studied under late kharif situation uri icon


  • Analysis of genetic divergence of sixty four genotypes (39 new germplasm accessions and 25 advanced breeding lines) of groundnut revealed wide range of D2 values ranging between 4.52 and 27.75 suggesting the presence of considerable amount of genetic diversity in the genotypes studied, which were grouped in to seven clusters where, cluster VII (28) was the largest followed by cluster I (24) and cluster VI (4). Maximum inter cluster distance was recorded between IV and VI representing wide divergence among these clusters. On the basis of intercluster distance and cluster means the genotypes viz., ICGV-05033, ICGV-05052, PAFRGVT58, GG-20Ă—ICGV-91114, ICGX-020063-F-B-SSD-P20-B, ICGX-020055-F-SSD-P37-B were 21121 widely diverse therefore may be considered for future breeding programmes

publication date

  • 2010