Cost Effectiveness of Germplasm Collections in the CG System. Section 9 uri icon


  • Cost information is useful to monitor the performance of the genebanks. Thus, managers,users, and donors of the genebanks can have an idea of the relative costs of managingplant genetic resources. This information can be used to make users but especially donorsaware of the actual costs of conserving and distributing accessions and in this wayfacilitate fund raising. Managers however do have an idea of genebank operational costs.What is then the added value of using a periodic system to collect costs information forthe genebank manager? In this section we present some specific cases where theinformation collected in the genebanks visited can help in the decision process. It is truethat the current amount of information does not allow us to make conclusions acrosscenters, but it does allow for some analysis within the centers

publication date

  • 2010