Hybrid breeding in grain legumes - a success story of pigeonpea uri icon


  • The quantum of yield advances made through breeding is much greater in cereals than those of legumes; and this difference may be attributed to the successful commercial exploitation of hybrid vigor in the former. Although floral biology of some of the legumes permit limited outcrossing hybrid vigor for yield has not been exploited for commercial use in any other legume with the exception of pigeonpea,. Recently, hybrid pigeonpea breeding technology based on cytoplasmic- nuclear male-sterility system was successfully developed by ICRISAT and other partners in India. Some of the promising hybrids such as ICPH 2671, ICPH 2740, and GTH 1 have recorded 30 - 40% yield advantage over the best local varieties. This paper discusses the challenges, achievements, and prospects for hybrids in enhancing productivity of pigeonpea

publication date

  • 2010