A Note on the Response of Sheep to Differently, Priced Sorghum Stover Traded Concomitantly and Implications for the Economy of Feeding uri icon


  • One low cost and two premium type sorghum stover purchased from fodder market in Hyderabad, India were investigated for Organic matter intake (OMI), organic matter digestibility (OMD) and organic matter intake and digestible organic matter intake (DOMI) with feeding trials on sheep. The average price of low cost stover was IRs 2.04 per kg dry stover while the premium stover types were priced at IRs3.40. Premium stover had consistently more favourable laboratory quality traits (nitrogen, fiber constituents, in vitro digestibility and metabolisable energy content). When fed to sheep unsupplemented, significantly higher digestibility, digestible organic matter intake and nitrogen balances were observed in premium type compared to low cost stover. The same held true when the three stover types were fed supplemented with a flat rate of 150 g/d of concentrate. However, economic assessment suggested that the price premiums of 50% and more paid for high quality stover were in excess unless their feeding facilitated overall increased intake and milk yield per dairy animal proportionally, decreasing feed expenditure for maintenance requirements

publication date

  • 2010