Vegetable Pigeonpea - a High Protein Food for all Ages (Vegetable pigeonpea recipes) Information Bulletin No-83 uri icon


  • Most of the food proteins for vegetarians in the semi-arid tropics are derivedfrom legumes that are generally grown under low input and risk-prone marginalenvironments with repeatedly low and unstable yields. At present, the proteinavailability in such areas is less than one-third of its normal requirement andwith the continuously growing population and stagnation of yield, the proteinavailability to the masses is likely to decline further. Since the food productionbalance in most countries will always remain in favor of cereals, the issue ofprotein availability assumes a greater significance from the point of view ofnutrition for the poor. This publication in two books (Part I ? The science behindthe scenes; Part II ? Vegetable pigeonpea recipes) covers both scientific andnutritional aspects of the crop and provides recipes for tasty pigeonpea dishes

publication date

  • 2010