Chickpea and Pigeonpea Economies in Asia: Facts, Trends and Outlook uri icon


  • This report provides a factual assessment of consumption, production and marketing of pulses inAsia, and explores future prospects for the pulses sector by focusing on chickpea and pigeonpea,the two most important pulse crops grown in the continent. Chickpea and pigeonpea are importantgrain legumes and play a significant role in the food and nutrition security of the poor in developingcountries of Asia. Together, these crops account for 41% of Asia?s pulses production. Asia accountsfor 88% of global chickpea production and 90% of global pigeonpea production. Within Asia, Indiais the largest producer of both crops, accounting for 75% of Asia?s chickpea as well as pigeonpeaproduction

publication date

  • 2010