Host Plant Resistance to Ascochyta Blight of Chickpea. Information Bulletin No. 82 uri icon


  • Ascochyta blight (AB) caused by Ascochyta rabiei (Pass.) Labr. is an important andwidespread disease of chickpea worldwide. The disease is particularly severe undercool and humid weather conditions. A large volume of literature is available on studiesrelated to various aspects of AB including biology, epidemiology and managementmethods. In this bulletin, attempts have been made to briefl y describe the distribution,economic importance, symptoms, causal organism, pathogen variability and host plantresistance. Information on recent advances in host plant resistance of AB and detaileddescriptions of refi ned screening techniques developed at ICRISAT and elsewhere foridentifi cation of resistant sources are provided. This bulletin provides comprehensiveinformation on screening methods for AB, and will be useful to all researchers involvedin Ascochyta blight management through host plant resistance

publication date

  • 2010