Association of Grain Fe and Zn Contents with Agronomic Traits in Sorghum uri icon


  • Genetic variability and the association of grain Fe and Zn-contents with other agronomic traits were studied in 1,394 accessions from core germplasm maintained at the ICRISAT gene bank. A large variability for grain Fe and Zn contents were observed. The grain Fe and Zn contents of the accessions with white grains were marginally higher than those with colored grains and these white grain sorghums originated mostly from India and Zimbabwe. The Fe and Zn contents of the accessions with testa and without testa were comparable. However, endosperm texture and grain size appeared to influence grain Fe and Zn contents. Strong positive correlation between grain Fe and Zn contents and their weak association with the agronomic and grain traits indicated possibility to breed simultaneously for high grain Fe and Zn traits in varied plant agronomic backgrounds that might be suitable for different agro-climatic regions across the world

publication date

  • 2010