Value Chain Management in Production and Marketing ofGroundnut in Raichur District of Karnataka uri icon


  • The study has investigated the value chain management in production and marketing of groundnut in the Raichur district of Karnataka during kharif 2008. In groundnut, TMV-2 is the ruling variety occupying 85 per cent of the area in the district, but it is prone to pests and cut worm leaf minor; disease such as groundnut bud necrosis and leaf spot cause damage to the extent of 25 per cent of the yield. This has led to a decline in area under groundnut in the district, especially during kharif in comparison with rabi/summer season. Therefore, it is necessary to replace TMV-2 with high-yielding varieties incorporating the traits preferred along the value chain, i.e., production, consumption and marketing of groundnut. The existing seed supply system is meeting the seed requirement only to the extent of 7 per cent. Therefore, there is a need to strengthen the existing seed supply system for speedy seed multiplication and distribution of seeds to the farming community

publication date

  • 2010