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  • The progress made in DNA marker technology has been remarkable and exciting in recent years. DNAmarkers have proved valuable tools in various analyses in plant breeding, for example, early generationselection, enrichment of complex F 1 s, choice of donor parent in backcrossing, recovery of recurrent parentgenotype in backcrossing, linkage block analysis and selection. Other main areas of applications ofmolecular markers in plant breeding include germplasm characterization/fingerprinting, determiningseed purity, systematic sampling of germplasm, and phylogenetic analysis. Molecular markers, thus, haveproved powerful tools in replacing the bioassays and there are now many examples available to show theefficacy of such markers. We have illustrated some basic concepts and methodology of applying molecularmarkers for enhancing the selection efficiency in plant breeding. Some successful examples of productdevelopments of molecular breeding have also been presented

publication date

  • 2009