Bio-pesticides Research at ICRlSAT: A Consortium Model uri icon


  • There is an increasing pressure on agriculture to produce more food to meet the demand fromthe growing populations all around the world. As the demand for food production increased the need forIntensive plant protection also stepped up with increased use of toxic pesticides resulted in complexenvironmental, economical and operational implications. Several national, International agencies and nongovernmentalorganizations are presently engaged in supporting research, and application of ceo-friendlyapproaches that sustain plat protection and environment.ICRISAT initiated a consortium called "Bioproducts Research Consortium (BRC)" in Jan 2005. BRC is apublic and private sector partnership initiative, focused on delivering research outputs, capacity buildingand technologies leading to mass-scale production of quality bio-products. The microbial collection atICRISAT has over 2000 accessions that includes promising entomopathogens (Bacillus subtili

publication date

  • 2009