Integrated Water Resource Management for Increasing Productivity and Water Use Efficiency in the Rain-fed Areas of India uri icon


  • Climate variability is the major cause of "uctuations in food production in thesemi-arid tropical (SAT) regions of India leading to food insecurity, malnutritionand poverty. Although the total amount of rainfall in the SAT regions is adequateto meet the water requirements of the crops and cropping systems, its erraticdistribution results in periods of excess and de*cit water availability, leading tolow productivity and degradation of natural resources. Therefore, an integratedwater resources management approach comprising in-situ water conservation,harvesting of excess water in ponds and groundwater recharging and its e+cientuse through appropriate supplemental irrigation methods, improved crop varietiesand cropping systems, balanced nutrition of crops, crop diversi*cation andintensi*cation with high value crops and crop protection is needed to producemore food and income per unit of rainfall. The paper describes the achievementsmade by ICRISAT in collaboration with its partners in enhancing crop productivityand rainfall use e+ciency by implementing improved technologies in on-stationand on-farm community watersheds in India

publication date

  • 2009