SSR allele frequency changes in response to recurrent selection for pearl millet grain yield and other agronomic traits uri icon


  • Allele frequency changes resulting from conventional recurrent selection were monitored at 34 SSR loci distributed across all 7 linkage groups using full-sibprogenies (50 each) from released pearl millet openpollinated variety CO (Cu) 9 and its four immediate progenitor populations (ICMP 87750, ICMP 91751,ICMP 93752 and UCC 23). Agronomic performance of these 250 full-sibs was assessed in two seasons of replicated field trials at ICRISAT, Patancheru, India, which demonstrated significant selection responses for flowering time and grain, stover and biomass yields, and their components. These selection responses were accompanied by significant, but non-linear, frequency changes for common alleles at many monitored SSR loci.Substantial genetic variability remains within CO (Cu) 9,suggesting further selection to improve its grain and stover yield performance should be effective

publication date

  • 2009