Association of grain iron and zinc content with grain yield and other traits in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) uri icon


  • Selfed progenies (S1.s) derived from two diverse populations (PVGGP-6 and IAC-ISC-TCP1) were evaluated in two contrasting seasons at ICRISAT, Patancheru to examine the association of grain iron (Fe) & zinc (Zn) content with grain yield and component traits in pearl millet. Average grain micronutrients across both the seasons were higher in PVGGP6 (46.7 mg/kg Pe and 44.6 mg/kg Zn) than IAC-ISC-TCP-1 (37.0 mg/kg Fe and 37.2 mg/kg Zn). Significant genetic variability among the progenies was observed for Fe, Zn, grain yield and other component traits in both the populations. Significant positive correlation found between Fe and Zn content (r=0.81 to 0.82; p<0.01) in both the populations suggested the possibility of simultaneous effective genetic improvement of both micronutrients Non¬¨significant correlation of grain Fe and Zn content with grain yield and 1000- grain weight in both the populations indicated that there would be no penalty on grain yield and seed size while breeding for grains rich in these micronutrients

publication date

  • 2009