Global Price Trends of ICRISAT Mandate Crops uri icon


  • The prices of agricultural commodities have beenin the news in recent months following an increasein their real prices after three decades of falling/relatively stable prices. Although the prices ofagricultural commodities started to rise from asearly as 2001, the sharpest increase occurred in theyears 2006-08. The rise in prices can be attributedto a multitude of factors both on the demand andsupply side, such as consecutive bad harvests inmajor grain producing countries leading to recordlow stocks; stagnant yield levels of major crops; theincrease in the price of crude oil leading to a rise inprice of inputs such as fertilizers; income growth andurbanization in Asian countries fuelling demand anduse of cereals/oilseeds for biofuel production, amongseveral others

publication date

  • 2008