Conservation of Rainwater and Sustenance of Productivity Through Improved Land Management and Cropping System in a Vertisol of Central India uri icon


  • For sustainable crop production system under rainfed condition, the conservation of rainwater and its efficient recycling are imperative. The rainwater can be conserved either in situ i.e. in the soil itself or ex-situ in natural or manmade structures wherefrom it can be used for supplemental irrigation. In-situ rainwater conservation can be carried out either though tillage or landform management (Singh et al., 2000). Among the various landform management practices like raised and sunken bed, ridges and furrow etc. developed for Vertisols, broad-bed and furrow (BBF) system is very promising in controlling surface runoff, reducing the soil loss through erosion and increasing infiltration (Pathak et al. 1985; Singh et al. 1999)

publication date

  • 2008