Phenotyping reference set of foxtail millet (Setaria italica) for Agronomic Traits uri icon


  • Belongs to family Poaceae and subfamily Panicoideae? A self-pollinating diploid crop with 2n=18? Domesticated in highlands of central China, possibly about 4000 yearsago? Cultivated in 26 countries with annual production of 2.9 million metrictons from the area of 3.5 m ha? Two Setaria species are S. glauca and S. italica with the latter having twosubsp. viridis and italica? S. italica consists of three races (Moharia, Maxima and Indica) andten subraces (Aristata, Fusiformis, Glabra, Compacta, Spongiosa,Assamense, Erecta, Nana, Glabra and Profusa)? ICRISAT gene bank contains the largest collection of 1535 accessions

publication date

  • 2008