Sweet sorghum a promising bioenergy crop-phenotyping reference set for sugar content uri icon


  • Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal in the world. Grows, mainlyin semi-arid tropics and subtropics, with an annual production of 56.5million tons from 41.5 million ha in 99 countries (http://faostat.fao.org/).The genus Sorghum belongs to family Poaceae subfamily Panicoideaeand tribe Andropogoneae. Soaring prices of fossil-fuels and resultingenvironmental pollution has increased worldwide interest in biofuels as analternative source of energy.Through its pro-poor BioPower Initiative, ICRISAT has identified sorghumas a promising bioenergy crop. Sorghum yields eight times more energyin the form of bioethanol than is consumed for its production, thusempowering dryland farmers to fight against climate change. Sweetsorghum is similar to grain sorghum but with a sugar-rich stalk. Stalk juiceis used to produce bioethanol, and the residue is nutritious and good forlivestock feed

publication date

  • 2008