Variability for grain iron and zinc contents in pearl millet hybrids uri icon


  • Dietary deficiency of mineral micronutrients such as iron(Fe) and zinc (Zn) has been recognized as a worldwidehuman health problem, especially in the developingcountries (Welch and Graham 2004). The pearl millet(Pennisetum glaucum) research program at the InternationalCrops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics(ICRISAT) has undertaken to address this issue throughthe development of improved breeding materials with theelevated levels of these micronutrients for eventual use incultivar development. Pearl millet, grown on 26 millionha in some of the most marginal arid and semi-aridtropical environments of Asia (11 million ha) and Africa(15 million ha), is a major source of dietary energy andnutritional security for a vast population in these regions

publication date

  • 2008