Molecular identification of genetically distinctaccessions in the USDA chickpea core collection uri icon


  • Knowledge of the molecular genetic variation of the accessions of core collections will be important for theirefficient use in breeding programs, and for conservation purposes. The present study was undertaken forgenotyping the part of the USDA chickpea core collection (Hannan et al 1994) with 20 microsatellite or simplesequence repeat (SSR) markers. In addition to understand the molecular diversity in the core collection, thegenetic relationship was studied. A total of 376 accessions from the USDA chickpea core collection weregenotyped. Twenty SSR markers revealed a total of 388 alleles among the 376 accessions. In the USDA corecollection, the shared allele frequency (SAF) varied from 7.5% to 47.5% with an average of 21.6%. In the presentstudy, the structure of the population was determined by using K=4 based on model-based (Bayesian) clusteringalgorithm

publication date

  • 2008