Micro Doses, Mega Benefits Promoting Fertilizer Use in Semi-Arid Zimbabwe uri icon


  • The contents of this document are (1) soil fertility and crop production in the smallholder systems, (2) current knowledge about fertilizer use in the dry areas of Zimbabwe, (3) low Input Options ? microdosing, (4) what is microdosing? (5) types of N fertilizer available in Zimbabwe, (6) evidence of success from the drier areas of Zimbabwe, (7) how much fertilizer should a farmer buy? (8) where and how can farmers get fertilizer? (9) how sustainable is microdosing? (10) how can farmers maximize returns on their investment in fertility amendments? (11) introducing and Promoting Microdosing to Smallholder farmers, (12) training farmers in microdosing and (13) setting up demonstrations on microdosing

publication date

  • 2008