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  • Scientists in ICRISAT?s Global Theme on Biotechnology employ a range of moderngenomic technologies in their efforts to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of cropimprovement. These include high-throughput genotyping technologies. The rate-limitingstep in genomics is no longer data generation but rather the speed, at which data iscaptured, validated, analyzed and turned into useful knowledge. The role ofBioinformatics is to remove this rate-limiting step through the development of softwareplatforms for handling large volumes of data generated and facilitate its analysis. Theterm ?platform? implies all those vital services and technologies that are needed tosupport genomics research projects at all of ICRISAT locations. Bioinformatics atICRISAT functions both as a research and research support unit.Research efforts in Bioinformatics at ICRISAT focus on two major areas. One relates toinfrastructure development which includes: (a) the development of appropriate softwareand efficient protocols for data capture, storage, retrieval and dissemination

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  • 2007