Tapping Genetic Diversity in ICRISAT Mandate Legumes through Wide Hybridization: Progress and Prospects uri icon


  • Wild species form an important component of the genetic diversity of crop plants. AtICRISAT, wild species have had extensive use as donors of disease and pest resistance,of useful agronomic traits and for understanding the crop in terms of its diversity so thatit can be effectively manipulated and exploited. Several studies have been conducted toevaluate the wild species of groundnut, chickpea and pigeonpea for important constraints(Kumar et al., 2005; Saxena et al., 1996, Reddy et al., 1996; Subrahmanyam et al., 2001;Prasada Rao et al., 2003; Reddy et al., 2000; Pande and Narayan Rao, 2005; Pande et al.,2006; Sharma et al., 2003; 2006, Srivastava et al., 2006).Several groundnut lines have been developed and released with desirable characterstransferred from wild Arachis, such as ICGV 86699 and ICGV

publication date

  • 2007