Managing water in rainfed agriculture uri icon


  • Faczng the food and poverty crzses zn developzng countnes wzll requzre a new emphaszs on smallscalewater management zn raznJed agrzculture znvolvzng the redzrectzon of water poltey andlarge new mvestments Ramfed systems dommate world food production, but water mvestmentsm ramfed agrIculture have been neglected over the past 50 years Upgradmg ramfedagrIculture promises large SOCIal, economiC, and enVIronmental paybacks, particularly mpoverty reduction and economic development Ramfed farmmg covers most of the world'scropland (80%) and produces most of the world's cereal grams (more than 60%), generatmglIvelIhoods m rural areas and producmg food for cltles EStImates suggest that about25% of the mcreased water reqUIrement needed to attam the 2015 hunger reduction targetof the MillennIUm Development Goal can be contrIbuted from IrrIgation The remammg75% will have to come from water mvestments m ramfed agnculture

publication date

  • 2007