Leveraging Institutions for Enhanced Collective Action in Community Watersheds through Harnessing Gender Power for Sustainable Development uri icon


  • In the drought prone rain-fed areas "\vatersheds are. recognized as growth engine for agricultural as well as overall development to achieve food security. Sustainable management¬∑ of a watershed entailsrational utilization of land and water resources foroptimum production but minimum hazard tonatural and human resources. For the benefits ofcommunity-based watersheds to maximize anureach all stakeholders it is necessary to includeequity and gender parity into the program designitself. Inclusion of women and reSource poor isof paramount importance fot the watersheddevelopment to become truly participatory in bothimplemeqtation and impacts. Two thirds of theilliterate in the world are women, have no propertyrights (women hold 1/1000rh world property) andhave no economic independence (70% of theworld's pqor are women) (UNDP 1997)

publication date

  • 2007