Studies on seed colouring in castor, sunflower and safflower uri icon


  • The investigations on the effect of seed colouring on castor (Ricinus comrpunis L.), sunflower (Hefianthus annuus L.) and safflower (Carthanws tinctorius L.) seeds encompassing 25 dyes were conducted to identify non-deleterious and deleterious dyes based on their effect on seed quality. The dyes namely Rhodamine-B and Erichro black-T for castor, Rhodamine-B and Cotton blue for sunflower and Rhodamine-8, Fuchsine and Neutral red for safflower are the best dyes for seed colouring at 0.75% concentration. In this paper we discuss effect of seed colouring on seed quality of castor, sunflower and safflower seeds and their resultant implications for Indian seed industry

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  • 2006

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