Strategies for Improving Soil and Water Quality in Arid and Rainfed Agro-ecosystems of India uri icon


  • Soil quality, though realized synonymous to soilhealth, is fitness of soil for specific purpose (Carter etai, 1997) adjudged by the (actors chosen (or soil clas-sification, soil suitability and land capabihty (Carteret al. 2004), It examines spatial and temporal varia-tions induced by land use policy or management,based on soil physical, chemical and biological indi-cators, Soil organic carbon (SOC) is most reliable, ver-satiJe and easHy assessable indicator, encontpassinginteractive effect of several indices. Plateuing or de-creasing crop yield at current level of lYHlnagementsindICates declining soil and water quality 111 arid and

publication date

  • 2006