Adarsha Watershed in Kothapally Understanding the Drivers of Higher Impact uri icon


  • Water, the very basis of life and the single most important feature of our planet, is the most threatened resource today. In rainfed areas watershed management is the approach used for conservation of water and other natural resources as well as for sustainable management of natural resources. A watershed is a hydrologically defined area that is drained by a network of streams, which meet together in such a way that the water leaves through a common point. A watershed is made up of soil, vegetation and water along with the people and animals who are the integral part of the system. Sustainable management of a watershed thus entails the rational utilization of land and water resources for optimum production but minimum hazard to natural and human resources. Therefore, watershed management is the process of guiding and organizing land use and use of other resources in a watershed to provide desired goods and services to people while enhancing the resource base without adversely affecting natural resources and the??????

publication date

  • 2006