Obtaining Sustainable Higher Groundnut Yields: Principlesand Practices of Cultivation. Information Bulletin No. 71 uri icon


  • With a few exceptions, groundnut productivity in most developing countriescontinues to be low. Although many high-yielding varieties have been released, theirfull potential is not realized in the absence of appropriate crop managementpractices. General agronomic recommendations are broad based and do not helpmuch because of large variation in soil characteristics and nutrient status and otheragroecological factors across groundnut fields. This bulletin discusses the underlyingprinciples of various aspects of crop cultivation to encourage farmers to develop theirown package of cultivation practices suitable to their fields and needs. It alsoprovides information on groundnut cultivation under polythene mulch, which hasresulted in 20?50% increase in groundnut productivity in China and on a seedproduction method to build self-reliance in the seed of improved groundnutvarieties

publication date

  • 2006