Relationships of Pinnate (Fern) and Simple (Unifoliate) Leaf Traits with Seed Yield and Seed Size in Kabuli Chickpea uri icon


  • Chickpea typically has pinnate type of compound leavesin which the leaf lamina (blade) is differentiated into arachis and a number of leaflets. These leaflets are generallyodd in number and borne directly on the rachis. Mutantshave been identified that have simple (unifoliate) leavesin which the lamina is not differentiated into rachis andleaflets, though there may be deep incisions in the lamina.A single recessive gene is known to control the simpleleaf trait (Pundir et al. 1990). Most chickpea cultivarsreleased in different countries have normal pinnate leaves.The simple leaf mutants have also been exploited inchickpea breeding and some cultivars, mainly kabuli type,with simple leaves have been released, e.g. Surutato 77and Macarena in Mexico; Dwelley, Sanford, Evans andSierra in USA; and CDC Diva and CDC Xena in Canada(FJ Muehlbauer, personal communication; Warkentin etal. 2003)

publication date

  • 2006