Occurrence of White Grubs in Groundnut Crop in Uplands of South Vietnam: A New Report uri icon


  • Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) is an important crop inSouth Vietnam covering more than 125,000 ha underdifferent cropping systems. Crop surveys, and the onfarmresearch organized in Trang Bang, Cuchi, Duc Hoaand Go Dau during the past (until 2000), brought out theimportance of the foliage feeding insect pests (Spodoptera,Helicoverpa) as economically important in farmers? fields(Ranga Rao 1995). Field visits during the last week ofMay 2004 and interactions with the farmers in Tra Vinhprovince, villages around Cau Ngang town revealed theoccurrence and importance of white grubs in this region.This soil-inhabiting pest is a menace in this area, which isin the heart of Mekong delta mostly covered by irrigatedrice (Oryza sativa) cultivation with multiple croppingsystem

publication date

  • 2006