Hydrological Characterization of Benchmark Agricultural Watersheds in India, Thailand, and Vietnam uri icon


  • Water is one of the most critical resource and constraint in the semi-arid tropics (SAT). To minimizeland degradation and sustain crop productivity in the SAT, management and efficient utilization ofrainwater is important. Watershed-based resource utilization involves the optimum use of the area?sprecipitation for the improvement and stabilization of agriculture on the watershed through betterwater, soil, and crop management. More effective utilization of water for the production of crops canbe facilitated by one or more of the following means: (i) in situ conservation of moisture; (ii) properdrainage, collection, storage, and re-utilization of runoff; and (iii) groundwater recovery from wells.For the proper development, conservation, and management of land and water resources, accurateinformation on surface and groundwater hydrology is crucial. Under the Asian Development Bank(ADB)-supported project on integrated watershed management we studied the hydrological behaviorof benchmark agricultural watersheds in India, Thailand, and Vietnam. From the five benchmarkwatersheds, the information on topography, rainfall, runoff, groundwater, and other relevant datawere collected and analyzed

publication date

  • 2006