Extra-Large Kabuli Chickpea with High Resistance to Fusarium Wilt uri icon


  • There is an increasing international market for extra-large(>50g 100-seed-1) kabuli chickpea. Such chickpeas arebeing sold at about three times the price of desi chickpeaand about two times the price of medium-seeded (~25 g100 seed-1) kabuli chickpea in India, the largest chickpeaimporting country. None of the kabuli chickpea varietiesreleased to date in India has seed size larger than 40 g 100seed-1. Thus, the Government of India has launched a 3-year project from 1 April 2006 on breeding extra-largekabuli chickpea with resistance to fusarium wilt under theIntegrated Scheme of Oilseeds, Pulses, Oil Palm and Maize(ISOPOM)

publication date

  • 2006