Evaluation of Pearl Millet male-sterile lines and their maintainers for resistance to Downy Mildew and Smut uri icon


  • Downy mildew caused by Sclerospora graminicola (Sacc.)Schro√ęt. and smut caused by Moesziomyces penicillariae(Bref.) Vanky are the most important diseases (in thatorder) limiting the productivity of pearl millet (Pennisetumglaucum (L.) R. Br.) in Asia and Africa (Thakur et al.1992; Singh et al. 1993). These diseases are more seriouson commercial F1 hybrids than on open-pollinated varieties.Development of cytoplasmic male-sterile lines (A-lines)with genetic diversity and disease resistance is a continuous process at ICRISAT-Patancheru, India (Thakur et al. 2001). Resistance to downy mildew and smut in hybridparents has a direct bearing on breeding hybrids resistantto these diseases. With this objective in view, eight A/Blines were evaluated for resistance to downy mildew andsmut in the disease nursery at ICRISAT-Patancheru during the rainy season of 2005, the results of which arereported here

publication date

  • 2006