Molecular Maps in Cereals: Methodology and Progress uri icon


  • Cereals provide for our major food crops, and therefore have been a subjectof detailed genetic and cytogenetic studies during major part of the lastcentury. These studies led to the preparation of linkage maps, which werealso assigned to individual chromosomes, thus leading to the construction ofchromosome maps in all major cereals. In some cases, the availability ofcytogenetic stocks (e.g. deletion stocks in bread wheat) also allowedconstruction of physical maps. In the past, a major limitation in theconstruction of genetic maps has been the non-availability of mutants formajority of individual genes, so that only handful of genes could be mapped.However, during 1980s, the availability of molecular markers and the highlevel of DNA polymorphism, which they detect, led to renewed emphasis ongenetic and physica

publication date

  • 2005