Alternative pest control approaches NPV for pod borer control and its uptake in Nepal uri icon


  • Pod borer is the most serious pest of chickpea in Nepal and its control based upon chemical insecticides alone has met major problems of resistance. There is a clear need for alternative pod borer control techniques. One of the most promising alternative controls i nucleopolyhedrovirus or NPV This is effective, safe and has bee adopted in a number of countries as part of the national pod bore IPM strategy. The chickpea IPM project has conducted evaluation of NPV in Nepal and results show it to be as effective or better than existing chemical control. However, if promotion of NPV in Nepal for pod borer control were to be adopted, a policy for the supply of NPV would need to be developed. Importation is feasible but local production would probably be cheaper. Several models of local production exist including farmer production, village production, state or extension service production and commercial private sector production and these models need to be evaluated for adoption in Nepal. A national system of regulation for NPV would also need to be developed

publication date

  • 2005