Cash cropping, farm technologies, and deforestation: What are the connections?. Tsimane' Amazonian Panel Study Working Paper # 18, Dec-2005 uri icon


  • Research suggests that cash-cropping is associated with deforestation. We usethree-year data (2000-2002) from 493 households to estimate the association betweencash-cropping rice and deforestation. Doubling the area sown with rice is associated witha 26-30% increase of the area of forest cleared next cropping season. We simulate thechanges required to reach 1US$/person/day income with cash from rice. We find thatwithin 10 years 1) deforestation would triple, 2) work requirements would exceedhousehold?s labor availability, and 3) fallows duration would decrease two-fold.Avoiding growing deforestation due to cash-cropping by smallholders requires increasingproductivity, diversification of income sources, or both

publication date

  • 2005