Research need assessment and agricultural research priorities for south and west Asia: proceedings of the Workshop, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh, India, 7-8 Oct 2004 uri icon


  • Despi t e the impressive gains in food product ion, food security, and reduct ion inrural pover t y in South Asia in recent t imes, problems such as degradat ion ofnatural resources, water scarcity, and low product ivi t y persist in the region. Thethreat of marginal izat ion of agr icul ture and l ivel ihoods of the poor looms large inSouth and West Asia, where agr icul ture is the dominant economic activity. Theemerging global challenges, pauci t y of resources, and the need for greater andquicker impacts now compels organizations to pr ior i t ize research. Thi s workshopwas organized as par t of APAARI , ICRISAT, and ICAR' s ongoing ef for t to establisha demand-dr iven research agenda based on a par t icipator y approach. The object ivewas to ident i f y research pr ior i t ies based on gap analysis by national programs.Representatives of f ive South and West Asian count r ies ( India, Sri Lanka,Bangladesh, Nepal and I ran) , C G I A R inst i tutes, donors, NGOs , farmerassociations, agr icul tural universi t ies, and the pr ivate sector presented thei rresearch needs and emerging challenges, on the basis of ident i f ied cr i t ical gaps andal ternat ive approaches for addressing these. Thi s book is a compi lat ion of thecount r y papers presented, and spells out specific pr ior i t ies at macro- , meso- , andmicro- levels under the broad themes of genetic improvement , natural resourcesmanagement , and socioeconomic and pol icy research

publication date

  • 2005