Adoption of Improved Sorghum Cultivars uri icon


  • Successful development of appropriate improved crop cultivars paves the way for their adoption byfarmers. Adoption of improved cultivars is a necessary precondition for plant breeding creatingfavorable impacts on farm households. Impacts may be obtained through yield increases, qualityimprovement, reduction in unit cost of production and reduced production risks. This chapter is acompilation of information about the level of adoption of improved sorghum cultivars and factorsinfluencing it.Adoption of improved sorghum cultivars was measured as a percentage of improved sorghum areain the total sorghum area. Based on their origin, adoption levels of improved sorghum cultivars weredivided into four groups: (i) percentage of area sown to ICRISAT-bred cultivars; (ii) percentage of areasown to cultivars having ICRISAT parents; (iii) percentage of area sown to ICRISAT network cultivars;and (iv) percentage of area sown to non-ICRISAT (other) cultivars

publication date

  • 2004